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the platform that puts the restaurant first 

one technology that puts 100% of your tab into your bank account




Takeout or delivery at no cost to you!
Dine-iN Contactless Ordering Solutions 
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the product

"What used to be a 5 percent per order fee for restaurants in the early 2000's rose to 15 percent by 2010 and stands closer to 30 percent today." 

What percent of your orders are through third-party delivery apps?


How much money do you lose on each tab from order & delivery fees?

The Conquest e|tab solution lets you accept dine-in, takeout, and delivery orders all through our single platform that you fully control—with no third-party order/delivery fees to you, and immediate bank funding.

Here’s how it works—

1. Taking Orders

Using any web-enabled device, customers can simply call up your establishment’s online ordering site, browse the menu, make their selections and pay for their order. They can also schedule the time of day they want pick-up or delivery. Yes: It's that easy!

2. Receiving Orders


Receive orders once they have been placed by your customers, allowing you to choose the method (or methods) that best suit your existing workflow. Choose from tablet-based Order Management, Web-Connected Printing, E-mail Notifications or Text Alerts, or mix & match to suit your preference. 

3. Next Day Funding

Mobile Phone

Customer Places


Mon 11:30am

Data Cloud

Cloud Payment


Mon 11:31am

Delivery Hand Off

Order Made &


Mon 12:00pm


ACH Deposit


Tues 1:00pm*

* Times indicated are representative of a typical deposit cycle.  Actual deposit timing may vary depending on your financial institution and other factors.

Taking all these new orders sounds exciting and the new revenue stream is going to be great! But how do you receive your funds—and when? With e|tab technology, it couldn't be easier. Once a customer submits an order, it is immediately paid for; collecting is a guarantee. The payment is then booked for deposit and the funds are transferred to your account the next business day.

4. Managing Menus

Putting technology to work for your business is a must in the new digital economy: but tech can be dauntingeven frustratingif it is not easy to understand and use. We get that, and our tools have been designed to make it simple for you to build and manage your menus and venue details. If you can use a web browser or mobile phone, you have all the skills to be a pro.


featured clients & proven success

Conquest has partnered with e|tab to find you solutions. 


Our technology integrates with processors that offer the best discounted rates. We don’t tie you to an expensive big-name processor that rips you off. Our rates are substantially lower. Ask us what you’ll save on each charge!


When owners were getting their businesses shut down and needed fast transition to take-out/delivery, we got them up and running in two or three days, in the middle of a crisis. Get your menu up, control the look and feel and pricing. Get your money in the bank the next day. And you don’t have to give up any of the other services you’re using. Just add us and see how you like it.



Thousands of restaurants use e|tab platform that Conquest is now hosting in the Bay Area and all of California. From chains with multiple locations, to mom-and-pop style businesses. From Portland to St. Louis, and all over the East Coast. No matter how big or small your business is, Conquest and e|tab will save you money with the lowest rates. You will keep 100% of your tab with ZERO DELIVERY COST to you.


Greatest Value.

Try it and see if you like it! We build you a menu for free, and give you a link to post on your web page, your Instagram or social media. You’ll get a QR code for on-site ordering. No need to give up any of your current take-out or delivery options—including those online “marketplace” delivery apps that steal 30% of your tab! You can compare them to the Conquest platform, and see for yourself how much more of your hard-earned money you get to keep!


We are so excited to now bring this payment platform to California and the Bay Area!

Here are some featured clients using this amazing platform, though there are many more.
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about us

“My best advice: Fall in Love with what you do for a Living”

--George Burns

Conquest Payments is a family company. We started out in 2007, as Conquest Technologies. We made our reputation working with developers to design payment systems for huge NASDAQ corporations with 100s of locations, and complex infrastructures.


But as a small company ourselves, we at Conquest feel it is time to respond to the urgent needs of community businesses. Our mission is simple. Right now, we see a priority to help these businesses and the people who work for them. We do this by placing control of their operations back in their hands, and keeping their profits out of the grasp of third-party mega-corporations.


We at Conquest are proud of our communities. We love our local businesses, and their owners. We know the sacrifices, the sweat equity, you have put in to build something you love and bring your gifts to the world. We want you to continue to grow and invent, and be superstars. Your success makes us all special.



David Walter



what can we do to help make you successful?

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